Welcome to DNI Languages College!

Since its creation, DNI has helped hundreds of students achieve their language goals. With an increasing variety of English, German and French programs and customized classes, we want to make sure that each of our students gets the best out of the education we provide. DNI Language Colleges are proud to be working with extremely qualified teachers and staff members who devote themselves to making DNI one of the best Language schools in Middle East. We are committed to providing our students with a unique and unforgettable learning experience. DNI is not just a school but also a place to change your future upside down. With authentic and ground-breaking language teaching system, “CROSSCUT®” and its exclusive curriculum and teaching materials, we are confident that your success is “guaranteed”. Our goal is to build an education that last a lifetime, and provide you with a life changing experience. I am proud to be the CEO of DNI, and I look forward to creating new stories with new students and making DNI Language Colleges part of your future.

Dr. Abbas Daavari DNI CEO and Founder

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