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(Experience fully simulated IELTS exams practice materials with authentic simulated scores and personalized feedback)

Last month before the test, in fact, is the most influential and decisive days in obtaining the desired score. Wrapping and trying to correct the weaknesses will be very crucial. Over 5 years, Daavari Language College, has been holding the test twice a month on Fridays. This test is quite similar to the actual test and the tests’ materials are totally from IELTS official tests. After the IELTS simulated test, debugging and strategy teaching session will be held. 91% participating students’ satisfaction in this period, indicates the usefulness of the course in the final days before the test.

Finally, if you want to achieve the same successful outcomes as our graduate students, or if you have taken IELTS test and could not achieve your required scores, surely this program can help.


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By the end of your studies in this course you will:

  • • be better able to achieve your maximum possible score on your IELTS test.
  • • have improved your English speaking and writing through personalized feedback.
  • • have learned a very quick all four skills’ strategies to successfully take the IELTS test in a way that you surely won’t experience anywhere else.
  • • be familiar with the IELTS exam requirements.

Available ALL year
Lesson Length 240 minutes Exam, 120 minutes Debug Session
Available DNI Eram Location
Length Minimum 1 Mock Exam
Level Intermediate to Upper-Advanced

  • • Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • • No refund on cancelations and change can only happen 6 days before the exam date.
  • • Students are encouraged to take our Free Online Test in order to determine their likely English level.

OET is an international English language test that assesses the language communication skills of healthcare professionals who seek to register and practise in an English-speaking environment.

Assessment Structure

OET covers all four language skills with an emphasis on communication in a healthcare environment

  • About Listening
  • approx. 50 minutes
  • Same content for all healthcare professions.
  • Part A: recorded, simulated professional/patient consultation with note-taking questions.
  • Part B: recorded talk or lecture on health-related topic, with range of short and multiple choice answers.

About Reading

  • 1 hour
  • Same content for all healthcare professions.
  • Part A: skim and scan short health-related texts and complete a summary paragraph by filling in missing words.
  • Part B: read longer health-related texts and answer multiple-choice questions.

About Writing

  • 45 minutes
  • Specific to profession, based on typical workplace situations.
  • The task is to write a letter, usually a referral letter. Sometimes, especially for some professions, a different type of letter is required: e.g. a letter of transfer or discharge, or a letter to advise or inform a patient, carer, or group.

About Speaking

  • approx. 20 minutes
  • Specific to profession, based on typical workplace situations.
  • In a private room you will take part in two role-plays. You take your professional role (as a healthcare professional) while the interlocutor plays a patient or client, or sometimes a relative or carer.
  • To see more and know more about OET click here.

To see more and know more about TOEFL click here.

To register for the exam in Iran click here.

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